The UpRight&Better Podcast

Welcome to UpRight&Better!

April 10, 2017

Hello, and welcome to Up, Right, and Better, where CEO’s, experts, and thought leaders challenge conventional business wisdom  to help you scale your company up and to the right AND up and better. I’m your host, Kristen Gallagher.

UpRight&Better is a new podcast, produced and edited by me. UpRight&Better isn’t a product of my company, Edify, but it is informed by the work Edify has been involved in. If you’re familiar with the tech scene or venture-backed business world, you’ve probably heard that successful businesses are going “up and to the right” - or maybe you’ve heard of the ubiquitous “hockey stick” plan. Well, we think there’s more to life than profit and growth for growth’s sake - and that’s what we’ll be talking about in UpRight&Better.

We’ll be talking about culture, development, management, people, benefits, and knowledge. This podcast sits at the intersection of Organizational Development, Company Culture, Knowledge Management, and Learning & Development. It’s your bi-weekly opportunity to to hear about major wins, big screw-ups, and hard-won lessons learned from people who are trying to grow their businesses up and to the right and up and better.


So who should listen to UpRight&Better? We think CEO’s, Business Owners, Venture Capitalists, L&D folks, Change Management Professionals, and human resources professionals might wanna drop in.


We’re gambling here, but we think people will listen because:

  • Engaging bursts of conversation around a multi-faceted topic are interesting (and useful!)
  • Jargon is the worst, and we won’t use it
  • There will be actionable chunks of things you can try right now at work
  • We’ll make sure that each episode is relatable and accessible
  • It’s useful to hear content that combines fields that need to be talked about together
  • If you want to help your business succeed AND do the right thing (both for your employees and the bigger picture), then you’re in the right spot (just put in your headphones)

There is nowhere that people can learn about both the people side of business and the mechanics of actually operating a business that is both profitable and good. Right now, there are Human Resources and business management podcasts out there, but we think they’re not only boring and preachy, but worse, they’re compliance-focused or overly academic.

Business owners, CEO’s, HR Leaders, and idea builders need a resource that’s actionable and doesn’t take itself too seriously, so that’s where UpRight&Better comes in. You can expect to hear us be Lighthearted (and not too serious), Sarcastic, Skeptical, and honest. You can expect about two episodes per month, plus mini-episodes that dive into a particular topic in depth. In general, each episode will be about 20-35 minutes.

We hope you’ll join us - UpRight&Better could become the best place to learn about building sustainable, intentional businesses with your help! We look forward to having you along for the ride. See you next time!