The UpRight&Better Podcast

Season 2, Episode 1: Taking Care of Yourself to Grow Your Company

January 30, 2018

Welcome to the second season of Up Right & Better!

On today's episode, Reini Chipman joins us to talk about HR self care, what growing a better business can look like, and how to build yourself while you help grow the business. 

In college, Reini studied psychology and social work and always envisioned helping, supporting and being involved with people. Like may HR folks, HR fell into her lap. Overtime, she's noticed it's become interesting and complex and every organization has some form of it, so she's leaned into it for the last 18 years. Over her career, Reini has supported many different types and sizes of organizations in human resources, operational and executive roles. She's worked with thousands of talented individuals, hundreds of teams and several companies who are recognized as best places to work. Through these experiences, she's learned that although every organization is unique, there's some very powerful strategies that can be applied din almost any organization to increase engagement and performance. Now, Reini's a coach and mentor and continues her HR work in the Portland tech ecosystem.

Check out the full episode transcription here.