The UpRight&Better Podcast

Episode 8 - Visualize This: Your Strategy, Better

July 31, 2017


Today’s guest is Nitya Wakhlu, a personal friend and a professional collaborator of mine. Nitya is the founder at Drawbridge Innovations, where she specializes in using visual thinking and experiential learning to create whole-brain experiences that support group learning, innovation, and change. Nitya has a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering and an MBA focused on Human Resources and Industrial Relations. Nitya’s best known for her work as a graphic recorder and visual facilitator, and she brings over eight years of experience working with corporate, government, and nonprofit groups from across North America, India, Africa, and Europe. On the podcast today, we're going to talk about the difference between graphic recording and facilitation, putting a more human lens on human resources, and learning how to start your graphic recording process!

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