The UpRight&Better Podcast

Episode 2 - Leading, Not Managing, Projects

May 8, 2017

On Episode 2 of Up Right & Better, we're talking about project leadership vs. project management. Every organizational change project, whether it's learning and development focused, HR, sales focused, or otherwise, has to be project managed. But project management might not be getting you the results you're looking for. 

I'm so excited to share with you today's guest for Upright and Better's second episode. Monica Borrell is currently the CEO of Cardsmith, a visual project management tool patterned after Sticky Notes, and the co-founder of Project Elevate. Fun fact about Monica, is that she's been self employed since 1992. She's founded seven companies including Go East, Matrix, Corner Star, LoveJoyFood, Cardsmith and now Project Elevate. She's also a PMI Certified Project Manager and a theory of constraints Jonah. Monica is way into Sticky Notes.

Monica helped forge the revolutionary project management system that supported BP's clean up efforts after the Deep Water Horizon oil spill. Her team solution notably involving multi-colored construction paper and yarn proved that low tech is sometimes the right tech. She brought her new and improved digital version to the masses with Cardsmith, and now she's bringing project leadership to life with Project Elevate.

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