The UpRight&Better Podcast

Episode 1 - Focus… on the Learner

April 23, 2017

Join us for our very first full-length episode! Jillian Douglas and Shannon McKenzie, co-founders of Idea Learning Group, are here to tell us about designing learning experiences for the learner. It might seem, well, intuitive, but you'd be surprised! 

I'm thrilled to welcome Jillian Douglas and Shannon McKenzie today to the podcast, and the fact that they are our first interview just makes my heart so happy! Jillian Douglas and Shannon McKenzie are the co-founders of the Idea Learning Group here, in Portland, Oregon. Idea Learning Group is on a mission to transform workplace learning by providing clients with creative, engaging, and custom learning experiences. I can personally attest to how amazing this pair is, and I've been lucky enough for the past few years to have Jillian as a mentor. She's been absolutely integral in shaping Edify with me, and I can't imagine growing the company without her mentorship.

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