The UpRight&Better Podcast

Dan Szuc and Jo Wong from Apogee and Make Meaningful Work

April 30, 2018
Welcome to Episode 3 of Season 2.
On today's episode, Dan and Jo from Apogee discuss how to create a "bedrock" for meaningful work, some of the models and tools they use in their work, and how they view everything in life through this lens of health, reflection, and improvement.

Dan Szuc is co-founder and principle at Apogee and co-founder of Make Meaningful Work and UX Hong Kong. He's been involved in the UX field for 25 years and has been based in Hong Kong for over 20 years. He's lectured about user centered design globally and has co-authored two books including Global UX with Whitney Quesenbery and The Usability Kit with Gerry Gaffney. 

Jo Wong is also co-founder and principle at Apogee and Make Meaningful Work, and co-founder of UX Hong Kong. Jo grew up in multicultural Hong Kong with a Chinese-Burmese father and Chinese-Indonesian mother. She collaborates with global teams conducting research in Cantonese, Mandarin, and English. Jo is passionate about the environment, political and economic systems, and how we can live healthier and happier lives while not adversely impacting less fortunate people.
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